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We are a company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of monobloc aluminum packages. We manufacture specific bottles and aerosols in various sectors and markets (food, pharmacy, cosmetics, technical and sports). We export our packaging to all countries and we have an excellent international sales network.


Alucan Timeline

Our origin dates back to the French multinational group Pechiney, (Cebal) which was later absorbed by the Canadian group Alcan. Since December 2007 Alucan has been an independent capital company.


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Since then, at Alucan we have distinguished ourselves by our clear customer orientation, betting on R+D+I developing new packaging adapted to the needs of each client


In line with its commitment to excellence, in 2015 the construction of a new plant began in Llinars del Valles, north of Barcelona, ​​with the aim of having modern, efficient and environmentally friendly facilities. In 2016 the inauguration of the new plant took place, with a new High Speed ​​production line, which has involved the incorporation of the most innovative technology. To respond to the growing demand in the sector, in 2018 production capacity was expanded with a new High-Speed line.


We are manufacturers of monobloc aluminum bottles and aerosols. Currently, we have the widest European range in capacities, from 100 ml to 1 L. At Alucan our clients are the main priority. For this reason, we carry out tailor-made projects to achieve the total satisfaction of the companies that trust us. In addition, we manufacture personalized sports bottles, for companies and entities, according to demand.


We take care of every detail of the production process. Therefore, our raw materials and processes follow the most rigorous quality controls, always guaranteeing respect for the environment. For example, our fundamental raw material is aluminum, which is 100% recyclable and can be 100% recycled at the customer’s request. Alloys are also used to lower the weight of the package and be more sustainable. Our internal lacquers have FDA approval suitable for food use and are free in Bisphenol A (BPA not intended) at the customer’s request.

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Our staff is our greatest asset. Keeping them safe, healthy and engaged is our highest priority.


We have a diverse and multicultural team creating a rewarding and stimulating work environment.


The training and preparation of our staff is the cornerstone in our ability to provide good service to our clients. Their commitment and dedication to Alucan allows us to offer our clients innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions.




Alucan is distinguished by being a company with an effective gender equality plan in the workplace. In this sense, we set an example in one of the sectors in which the differences between men and women are most significant.

Our starting point is that equality not only contributes to creating a fairer and more productive society, but is essential for the success of any company.

For this reason, the equality plan is an ideal instrument that allows the use of the potential and abilities of all people, increases motivation and commitment at work, attracts and retains talent and, above all, contributes to the will of women, to be valued fairly.

And to prove that for us they are not just words, we can verify the equality plan in absolute values, considering the number of women in our management and commercial team.

In figures:

In offices and administration of a total of 12 people – 9 are women.

In the executive board of a total of 9 executives – 5 are women

In the direction of a total of 5 executives, 3 are women

On the Board of Directors of a total of 6 chairs – 3 are women


Finally, Alucan guarantees a work environment for men and women, so they can reconcile personal and work life.




Our mission is to be the benchmark for the international aluminum packaging market, providing innovation and added value to the final product, adaptable to the customer’s needs in a comprehensive and flexible way.



From our employees and collaborators



We apply it in the areas of activities and projects that we develop.



We attend to the client’s needs and we seek to satisfy their expectations.



We assume the risks of our activity in a responsible way, always seeking the necessary balance that allows us to maintain high financial independence



 We build trust in our relationships by acting ethically and honestly.



We are committed to developing our activity in a way that respects the environment.




We develop our activity by proactively applying new ideas and concepts in order to bring innovative solutions to the market.



We have an effective gender equality plan in the workplace.


Our mission is to be the benchmark for the international aluminum packaging market, providing innovation and added value to the final product, adaptable to the customer’s needs in a comprehensive and flexible way.



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Alucan produces aerosols and aluminum bottles for various types of markets: food, beverages, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, technical and sports.


Alucan offers tailor-made solutions, managing projects from the initial idea to the delivery of the final product, always in close collaboration with its clients. This 360º service gives us the opportunity to advise our clients throughout the process and intervene with our know-how when required, and manufacture to measure according to the expectations of our clients.

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